Yes. We encourage all of our users to submit listings and corrections so that our directory can be as complete and accurate as possible. (Thank you in advance!)

There are two ways to find a listing: Via our search feature, or by clicking through the categories shown on our listings page.

If neither of these methods yield the result that you seek, it is possible that the business you are looking for is not listed in our directory. If so, we welcome and encourage you to submit the information for that business (yes, even if you are not the business owner).

We have our ways. 😎

In all seriousness, while our goal is to provide a comprehensive directory of all 5T/FR businesses (including businesses located elsewhere but that serve our area), if for whatever reason you do not want your business listed, simply request that we remove it and consider it done.

Not currently, however, you can add an icon to your phone’s home screen so you have easy one-touch access to our ever-so-useful directory. See instructions below (you’re welcome).

iPhone: With our site open in the Safari browser, tap the “Share” button (the little box with an up arrow at the bottom of your screen), tap “Add to Home Screen”, tap Add.

Android: With our site open in the Chrome browser, tap the menu button (three dots in top right corner), tap “Add to homescreen”, tap Add.

Yes. To request that a listing be listed under multiple categories, please contact us.

Over 1,600 and growing!

Yes, a “last modified” date is displayed at the bottom of each listing. (Note: You may need to click the “More Info” button to display it.)

No, we don’t know, but by all means please let us know.

The decision to publish or withhold publishing of any listing submissions remains solely with the owners of this website. That said, even approved listings can take a few days to be published, so please be patient and check back in a few days.

We highlight listings for businesses that are either physically located in Five Towns or Far Rockaway or those whose owners live in Fives Towns or Far Rockaway. This is done to maintain a focus on businesses actually located in the 5T/FR area, in contrast to businesses that may serve our area but that are neither locally-located nor locally-owned.

By paying us. 🙂

For specifics, please contact us to discuss advertising opportunities.